Rochallie Landslip Repair – Bridge of Cally

Client – Perth & Kinross Council
Value – £300,000
Duration – 3 months
Date – May 2015 to July 2015

Description – This contract consisted of carrying out slope strengthening works to a localised landslip along the A93 south of Bridge of Cally as well as road drainage works to mitigate any further possible slips due to excessive rain water.
Due to the remote location of the site and area of working, access was very limited and awkward. Some 200m2 of reno mattresses were installed on the slope some 30m from the road level utilizing a crawler crane where possible to aid in carrying out the works.
While works were ongoing on the slope drainage works were carried out at road level, some 500m of kerbing was installed, this consisted of drainage kerbs and standard kerb. The series of different kerbing allowed for diversion of all surface water to strategic locations throughout the works to mitigate risk of further slips.