Safety barrier systems

Specialist installers of technically advanced
Vehicle Restraint Systems

As qualified installers of Hill & Smith barrier safety systems, we are helping drive safety forward with a total solution, be it from FLEXBEAM VRS family of systems for use on highways, to BRIFEN the wire rope VRS used in over 30 countries worldwide or OFFROAD industrial barriers protecting your property.

Hill & Smith, part of the HSROADS group of Hill & Smith Holdings PLC., which has vast experience in manufacturing vehicle restraint systems including:

  • Steel Barriers – FLEXBEAM, FLEXBEAM PLUS and HI-FLEX are systems for highways, motorways and dual carriageways tested to EN1317
  • Wire Rope Barriers – BRIFEN is world renowned for its wire rope system, again used on the highways and alongside steep inclines. Tested to EN1317, NCHRP350 and specialised Swedish standards.
  • Hybrid Impact Protection – BRIFLEX incorporates steel barriers and wire rope to give the ultimate central reservation protection. Tested to EN1317 with a containment of H2 and a working width of W5.
  • Industrial Barriers – Off Road systems for protecting your assets.