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Eliminator, Advanced bridge deck waterproofing system
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Advanced bridge deck waterproofing system

Eliminator® (Bridge Deck Waterproofing System)

Stirling Lloyd have been providing waterproofing bridge structures with Eliminator since 1974. Literally thousands of structures, in excess of 40 million m² applied without failure. A range of innovative bond coats ensure all types of surfacing stay where they are intended, on the deck.

Diack and Macaulay are approved installers of Eliminator, this advanced bridge deck waterproofing system with an unparalleled track record that will outlast your structure and provide you with reduced maintenance costs. Eliminator allows you to carry out essential maintenance work, including bridge deck waterproofing, whilst minimising traffic disruption.

Eliminator is SERCO PADS registered (028/97002).

Eliminator has been approved for use on road and railway bridges by numerous authorities worldwide. An example of those is shown below:

  • United Kingdom
    • BBA/HAPAS – Certification For Two Coat System for use on Bridge Decks (Cert. No. 11/H169 2nd Issue)
    • BBA/HAPAS – Certification For One Coat System for use on Bridge Decks (Cert. No. 11/H170 2nd Issue)
    • BBA – European Technical Assessment for Eliminator Two-Coat Bridge Deck Waterproofing Kit 15/0362
    • London Underground Limited (LUL) – Product Registration No. 1974
    • Network Rail – Conforms to Railtrack Specification NR/L3/CIV/041, Issue 3 August 2008
    • Network Rail – Statement of Conformity No. CC 0015/10
    • Network Rail – PADS Registration No. 028/97002